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The Writing Equipment Society

The WES Librarian provides a number of services:

  • Holding stocks of past WES Journals
  • Holding past WES Journals as electronic PDF files.
  • Provision of a list of WES Journal articles
  • Holding copies of three WES booklets
  • Holding stock of WES DVDs
  • Maintaining a Bibliography and Archive list and holding the WES Archive
  • Receiving and recording requests for WES £10 Librarian Concession

Past WES Journals

The Librarian holds stocks of all past Journals and are supplied to WES members at lower than the usual list price.

Past WES Journals as electronic PDF files.

All Journals can be supplied as PDF files but to protect copyright are only provided as single files and not as accumulations. Please note that all Journal are copyright of WES and authors.

Provision of a list of Journal articles in a WORD file

An alphabetic list of articles published in the WES Journal is held as a WORD file and can be searched using WORD utilities and is also on WES website. It is updated each year ahead of the WES Autumn AGM so can be up to three Journals behind. The list can be searched using normal find utilities. In case of difficulty, please email the Librarian.

Holding copies of three WES booklets

WES has published three booklets that were sent out to members with their Journals. ‘Ensuring Your Collection is Safe’, ‘Disposing of Your Collection’, ‘Do You Want It Repaired or Restored?’. These were originally issued with Journals 94, 97 & 102 respectively. They are available separately to WES Members only while stocks last. There is a possibility that they will be published together in an A5 booklet in the future when WES supplies are exhausted.

Holding stock of WES DVDs

WES has produced three DVDs featuring Dr Jim Marshall. These are ‘Parker Ball Pen Repair’, Parker Pencil Repair’ and ‘Enjoying Your Parker 51’. There is a further one introduced by Geoff Parker and delivered by Dave Ruderman (past Parker Heritage Director) of the WES AGM Address Nov 2015 on ‘The Mighty Parker Duofold’. The Librarian holds stock of each of these.

Maintaining a Bibliography and Archive list

A spreadsheet contains a common bibliography of writing equipment and list of items held in the WES Archive. This is to avoid errors associated with two files and the categories can be separated by a flag and easily sorted into individual lists. Each spreadsheet line is given a WES accession number that can be used to communicate with the Librarian. Some of these are pure bibliography for reference, some are held as paper and others are scans, again categorised with flags. The file can be searched and formatted using EXCEL utilities. Note also that a ‘Portfolio’ sort for contributors is possible on the electronic file. The Librarian has produced guidance on adding a Bibliography entry and digitising material for addition to the Library. The Librarian welcomes additions to bibliography and Archive especially when supplied in the required format.

All WES members may have £10 value per WES subscription year of WES Archive materials as part of their annual membership. This is for materials that are held and can be sent digitally. If items are needed in hardcopy (e.g. A WES Journal) there will be a minimum charge for postage and any printing to be paid alongside your £10 allowance. At the end of the WES subscription year, members £10 allowance in renewed but any unused amounts are not carried over.

Please note that the WES Library is ‘Not for Profit’ as defined under UK Copyright Law but that requests for information from the Archive will be handled consistent with ‘fair dealing’.

The WES Archive is currently held near Leicester, England. It can be visited by prior arrangement although information held digitally is more easily provided.