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The Writing Equipment Society

The WES Journal

The Writing Equipment Society has produced over 100 journals since its inception in 1980.  Although the first journal was only a few pages in length with monochrome images, our modern journals are professionally designed and printed, and contain 56 pages - all of which are in colour.  The journal is still in traditional hardcopy format, and is posted through members’ letterboxes three times a year: the Spring journal arrives in February; the Summer journal in June; and the Autumn journal in October.

The Society has had only 5 editors to date: Geoff Roe (1981-97) 50 journals; Michael Woods (1998-2004) 20 journals (+1 in 2006); Jack Romano (2004-06) 6 journals; David Shepherd (2006-15) 27 journals; and Graham Hogg (2016-) ? journals.  

The Writing Equipment Society has a broad base of members with eclectic tastes; our journal attempts to replicate this in text and images.  Some of our members are well-known authors in their specialist field - many of them contribute articles to the journal.  

Currently, the Journal has a number of ongoing themes such as:

  What’s new in writing equipment?;

And for those who have everything…;

Did it work? (Articles about patents and how the manufactured product performed);

It must be true… I read it in the newspaper/on the Internet;

Places to visit/things to see;

100 Great Pieces of Writing Equipment;

Dear Editor;

Please follow the instructions! (Read how your antique writing equipment should be operated by reprinting manufacturers’ instructions, or tips about pen repairs);  

Book reviews.

The journal is also likely to include articles on mechanical pencils, ballpoints or rollerballs, and fountain pens. There will always be slots dedicated to stamp boxes, an academic piece, and Society business.  The WES constitution has set out the aims of the Society, and tacitly includes the purpose of the journal: the acquisition, study, recording and dissemination of information relating to writing instruments and accessories.

The past catalogue of journals holds myriad articles of information about writing equipment, the extensive Society archive has been built up by generous contributors – both of which are meticulously documented on this website.  Join the Writing Equipment Society and have access to all of this information, and further information as the journals continue to be produced.  The journals make very interesting reading for anyone interested in writing equipment – but don’t take our word for it, browse the sample journal found on the website and decide for yourself.