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It seems that no one can escape the Star Wars hype not even a traditional high end pen maker like S.T. Dupont Paris.

Starting from £395 inc.VAT there are 9 Star Wars models available with the top of the range costing a 'mere' £16,625, this particular model is in the form of a miniature light sabre. Using a 'Mag-Lev' pad the instrument hovers above your desk when not in use. Produced as world wide limited edition of 16 pieces (8 Darth Vader variants

and 8 Yoda variants.)

If the light sabre is a little too

rich for your pocket how do you

feel about an X-wing fighter or a Tie- fighter costing £1,600.00 inc. VAT each. Again a limited edition this time an edition of 1977, a number that is meaningful to Star Wars fans.